Aging With Grace

Met an elderly lady today. She asked me to help her walk over the speed breaker. So I held her hand and helped her walk over it. While taking those few slow steps, I asked her where she lived. She lived nearby so I offered to drop her home. She asked me about myself. Asked me if I was  a Christian.To which I replied, “yes,” and told her that I live in the Gauthan nearby. She went on to tell me that she lived here for 80 years, she recognized everyone and knew that I lived in the area. She thanked me and said she will manage ahead. I insisted on walking her home to which to refused. I liked her company. She had this brightness on her face. So old, all wrinkled and bent posture, yet the confidence and content on her face gleamed through. After I insisted a few more times she stopped and requested in a polite yet confident manner. She said, “please don’t mind but it will take long.” She explained she had some vegetables to look at and that she would not like to keep me going on my way. But, I really wished to go with her. She reminded me of my Maai, my grandma who passed away a year ago. Still, I respected her decision and left. But there was something about her that lingered in me. I turned to look at her be on her way. At the end of the day I am still thinking about her.

What must have she seen in her life? What circumstances and life events she survived that made her so independent and confident. Would I be like that at that age? Not to be dependent on anyone? To confidently ask fr help when I need it, so polite to talk to and content?

Also puts into perspective that in this busy life…daily…there are so many people around us whom we don’t notice. So selfishly drowned in our own worries and thoughts that we fail to realize that so everyone around us go through the same or much worse situations. They conquer these troubles by either overcoming them or leaning from them. I had never before noticed this lovely lady. These couple of minutes that connected us enriched me with a memorable experience. It helped me to see the people around me in a different light, with more respect and gratitude.


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