Hi there! I am Proscilla Almeida (yes it’s Priscilla with an “O”). Much like my name I am a traditional girl from the suburbs of Mumbai with a slight edges in my personality that don’t fit the norms. My life revolves around my humongous extended family and a close knit circle of friends (who in turn almost completely revolve around food). Food binds and connects us all so much so that the menu and venue for a meal is always the cause of the frequent family/friend meet-ups. We live to eat!

I love to bake, shop, design outfits with my cousins, click random pictures, sneeze out loud, and wrap presents. In between all of this, I am a godmother to three brilliant children and a “maai” (grandmother) to my family and friends.

If I were to pick a motto for my life, I would quote a hymn to you, “to live is to grow every moment in truth, in faith, in hope and in love”. This is what you will find in my blog here. My daily yearnings…the many stories, experiences, and thoughts and of course my kitchen experiments that help me grow through this journey. Hope they inspire you too or just provide some food for thought.

Thanks for stopping by! Love and God bless!


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